Prehispanic rhythms will invade the National Fonoteca.

2012 Feb 24th
Notimex | El Universal 15:15

Lluvia de palos, ensemble of contemporary music, will offer a sample of its music with original instruments, like the teponaztlis and huehuétles.

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The contemporary music ensemble Rain of Sticks, whose conceptual axis is based on the creation of rhythms by pre-Hispanic percussion instruments, will offer a sample of his work tomorrow at the National Fonoteca in this capital.

Likewise, the ensemble combines sounds of nature with pre-Hispanic instruments, such as Huéhuetles and teponaztlis, and the members also use their bodies in a sonic and expressive way, the National Council for Culture and Arts (Conaculta) reported in a statement. ). According to the leader of the group, José Navarro, the concerts are “articulated by the Mesoamerican cosmovision. We approach the ritual act, like the rhythmic, numerical and cyclic universe of our ancestors”.

In addition, he affirmed that “the Mesoamerican world is essential not only to better understand pre-Cortesian musical thought, but to contextualize the use of musical instruments or sound.”

Rain of sticks is composed by percussionists Manuel Andrade, Luis Miguel Costero and Samir Pascual, and is governed by a pre-Hispanic legend where it is narrated that “teponaztli consoles with its sound to mortals, recreates the holidays and serves as a communication link between gods and humans. ”

Far from the conventions of academic music, percussionists have performed with their subjects in venues such as the Centro Cultural Ollin Yoliztli and the National Museum of Anthropology in this capital, as well as in the Municipal Theater of Lima, Peru, among others.



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